How newspapers can play key role in education

Media assumes a crucial job with regards to illuminating people in general on what’s going on around the globe, which is too useful to understudies who should be refreshed on the current issues encompassing them.

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Times Reporter

Distributed : December 13, 2017






Understudies perusing duplicates of The New Times (File)

Understudies perusing duplicates of The New Times (File)






Media assumes an indispensable job with regards to advising general society on what’s going on around the globe, which is too useful to understudies who should be refreshed on the current issues encompassing them.

One of the channels to accomplish this, educationists state is to utilize papers as a showing help, particularly as an apparatus to advance the perusing society where a great deal of endeavors have been contributed by the legislature and different partners.obafemimartins9

One organization utilizing this instrument effectively as of now is Rwanda Teachers Education Program (RTEP) in Rwamagana District; a program that targets expanding the adequacy of Rwandan instructors and another brand of neighborhood instructive pioneers.

As indicated by the chief of the program, Dr Joseph Olzacki, they are utilizing papers as a method of preparing English language to educators who should pass indistinguishable data to their kindred instructors from well as understudies.

He noticed that the utilization of papers as a training instrument is imperative to understudies since it doesn’t just give genuine and genuine news, yet in addition gives understudies information on the utilization of English language. Papers, he says give alternate points of view, running from business to way of life patterns, just as effective world occasions, among others.

“At the point when educators use papers in study hall, it causes understudies to take a gander at things in a greater extension and it improves their basic speculation abilities since they spread a wide scope of things across the board pack,” he says.

Olzacki includes that through a paper, understudies can tune in, read and practice articulations hence become better shoppers of the news and language.

Joseph Rutakamize, the executive of the science unit at Rwanda Education Board (REB), accepts that the prime crucial a paper is to offer data to the individuals, including understudies.

In that capacity, a few articles ought to be chosen by educators to represent their exercises relying upon subjects or things focused on, he says.

“Papers are more current than course readings. There is a great deal of data which can help the exhibition of understudies when all is said in done,” he says.

Jacky Irabagiza, a lady and advisor at Remera Martyrs School in Kigali, says through papers understudies learn various aptitudes, for instance, how one can utilize photography to recount to a story, which is very enhancing to students who are capable in expressions.

For Julius Zigama, the originator of GAMA Arts Rwanda, papers can be utilized as assets for clubs like the authors and expressions clubs.

He says papers can be acceptable devices of showing understudies how to concoct a venture the manner in which papers do.

“They are useful in language improvement whenever read as often as possible. They help improve the general information as they mirror the current status of the nation,” he says.

Emmy Ntigurirwa, an English and Swahili dialects instructor at GS Marie Reine Ruramba in Nyamagabe District, says it’s imperative to utilize papers as a showing help since they carry certifiable issues to the study hall.

Papers can likewise contribute in improving proficiency, and is a significant instructive asset too.

Ntigurirwa takes note of that schools that utilization papers day by day advance the perusing, composing, tuning in just as talking abilities, which are principal in understudies’ scholastic execution.

Advances useful work

Diana Nawatt, the head instructor at Mother Mary Complex in Kigali, is of view that adapting essentially ought to be 70 percent handy through encouraging guides like papers utilizing genuine stories composed, and 30 percent hypothesis in order to deliver an inside and out kid.

She says papers can be utilized in instructing subjects like English, science, geology, business examines, sports, just as music.

Olzacki calls attention to that papers are useful at all degrees of training, yet accentuates that the prior more youthful understudies begin utilizing papers, the more educated they will become at a more elevated level.

Wendy Nelson Kauffman, a teacher at RTEP, says including papers as encouraging guides gives understudies a greater image of what they see and read every day, both in school and after school.

She takes note of that perusing papers can support the two educators and understudies work on understanding abilities.

Kauffman includes that papers are especially pertinent in instruction since they are comprised of genuine anecdotes about recent developments occurring in their nation and the world on the loose.


Students under Rwanda Teachers Education Program get duplicates of a paper for guidance. (Politeness)

How they can be utilized

Fred Atinga, an instructor at Riviera High School, says as a matter of first importance, a paper is moderate and arrives at a wide system of individuals and subjects. In this manner, he says instructors can utilize papers during modification just as in their day by day exercises.

“Instructors should assume the liability of offering to understudies stories occurring outside the school condition through the paper,” he says.

Nawatti says for the most part, this should be possible by students being given papers normally and being urged to peruse them so as to put together their exercises with respect to the tales for all intents and purposes like in business studies or enterprise. These realities as indicated by her, will invigorate adapting henceforth creating skilled students.

Nawatti additionally takes note of that understudies advantage through accepting direct data which depends on realities in the paper.

“Educators ought to permit students to choose articles that intrigue them and spotlight on one angle. This makes learning increasingly fun and connecting with for the understudies,” she includes.

For example, Nawatti says educators would first be able to utilize papers to peruse just, at that point after, they can acquaint how with use them to improve their talking and listening aptitudes.

Guardians take

Erick Nkusi, a parent who lives in Kibagabaga, Kigali, is of the view that guardians should purchase papers now and again as they may not be promptly available at school.

He says this is only one method of advancing the understanding society while at home.

“As guardians, we additionally need to set a genuine model for our youngsters. Aside from the English paper, there are additionally different papers in the nearby tongue which are as yet significant in light of the fact that they empower the two youngsters and guardians to remain refreshed on current issues,” he says.

Then again, Rita Uwimana, another parent in Kigali, says it is the job of guardians and educators to make an age of perusers to fabricate ability in the public eye by giving understanding materials, including papers.

“Much the same as understanding books, understudies ought to be urged to experience papers to be educated on what’s going on the regular schedule,” she says.

Uwimana adds that presenting understudies to such perusing materials is one method of breaking the tedium of understanding course readings, which improves the learning condition.

Furthermore, she calls attention to that it’s through such materials that understudies can draw motivation, particularly from pioneers from over the areas who are being expounded on.

Their contemplations…


Beatrice Kabanda

Beatrice Kabanda, college understudy

Instructors can advance a perusing society for understudies by setting time for them to experience papers. This is only one method of making understudies autonomous and not depending on their educators consistently.



Stanley Mukasa

Stanley Mukasa, instructor

Papers can be perused by understudies as recreation particularly during ends of the week. They can assist understudies with going to the following class with models and situations in the paper associated with a subject of conversation which improves the significance of papers.



George Uwikindi

George Uwikindi, parent

Schools can work intimately with guardians to engage in perusing papers with their youngsters at home, particularly the individuals who are in lower levels of school. This advances the understanding society.

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